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Watercress Success

I’m sure many of you were aware that Alresford hosted its annual Watercress Festival on 21st June and like last year, the AUJ had the privilege of closing the show.

Our 1 hour set went down a storm with our biggest crowd ever.  We think that some of our new material is going down well and the feedback and comments we are getting are very flattering.  Thank you to you all, you know who you are.

A great big thank you to the In Accord Singers for joining us and adding something very special to the last 4 numbers.  Please take some time to see them here:

Next gig is at the Alresford Music Festival on 10th June at 12:30.  We hope to see many of you there.  We are in the beer tent and it is officially after lunch, so why not come on down and join us (for a beer or 2).

Live on Stage at Alresford Watercress Festival

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