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Fizz Fest 2018

vineyards of hampshire 2018
AUJ Play for the Crowds

Photos courtesy of The Electric Eye

Vineyards of Hampshire Sparkling Wine Festival 2018 at Raimes Estate.

Well I came away from this afternoon with the understanding that Alresford is now famous for two things; Watercress, obviously, and Ukulele Jams Sparkling Wine to rival those European copies.We've got a little more work to do before Alresford is truly synonymous with Ukulele Jam but we're getting there.

Vineyards of Hampshire Map

It turns out that our beloved town is in the epicentre of the wine growing region in the South. And we're not ones to miss a local produce festival where free produce may be handed out. Especially if it is cold, fizzy and oh so delicious.

More than that! There were masterclasses and vineyard tours, as well as tastings and a whole range of food stalls.

Thank you to Raimes for hosting such an amazing event. We're all so pleased and proud to represent local music at such a prestigious event. And thank you to everyone who supported us on Sunday afternoon, we had a fantastic time.

I'm personally very glad that I wasn't driving, the delights of the Hampshire Vineyards are lip smacklingly good and I enjoyed them heartily (yet responsibly, of course).

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One thought on “Fizz Fest 2018

  1. I knew I loved English Sparkling wine, but now I know I love the ukulele, especially Ukulele Jam. You were all awesome!

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