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Fizz Fest 2018

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vineyards of hampshire 2018
AUJ Play for the Crowds

Photos courtesy of The Electric Eye

Vineyards of Hampshire Sparkling Wine Festival 2018 at Raimes Estate.

Well I came away from this afternoon with the understanding that Alresford is now famous for two things; Watercress, obviously, and Ukulele Jams Sparkling Wine to rival those European copies.We've got a little more work to do before Alresford is truly synonymous with Ukulele Jam but we're getting there.

Vineyards of Hampshire Map

It turns out that our beloved town is in the epicentre of the wine growing region in the South. And we're not ones to miss a local produce festival where free produce may be handed out. Especially if it is cold, fizzy and oh so delicious.

More than that! There were masterclasses and vineyard tours, as well as tastings and a whole range of food stalls.

Thank you to Raimes for hosting such an amazing event. We're all so pleased and proud to represent local music at such a prestigious event. And thank you to everyone who supported us on Sunday afternoon, we had a fantastic time.

I'm personally very glad that I wasn't driving, the delights of the Hampshire Vineyards are lip smacklingly good and I enjoyed them heartily (yet responsibly, of course).

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Horse & Groom Charity fundraiser roundup

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Thanks to everyone who came along to our charity fundraiser on Friday 23rd March. You were a great audience and we had a blast playing for you.

We did get a complaint that the next gig is not until June, so we got straight on to the and now you can catch us for a bit more of a closer, country pub gig on 24th April in the Tichborne Arms at 7:45.

Here are a few vids from Friday so you can relive those moments.

Relive the Horse & Groom Gig

One of our newer numbers played for the first time at the Horse & Groom on 23rd March. Thanks Sarah Bayless for the clip

Posted by Alresford Ukulele Jam on Sunday, March 25, 2018

Great Night Out

Great night last night in the Horse and Groom Alresford with you guys. It was worth travelling from Lancashire to see you.

Posted by Steph Turner on Saturday, March 24, 2018



AUJ on BBC Radio Solent

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On Friday 23rd March, the AUJ were invited to play live on the Julian Clegg Breakfast Show, BBC Radio Solent.  Needless to say it was a fantastic experience.

Here is the live stream of the event.

Listen to 1:50 – 6 min for the interview and from 13:30 for the music

(Higher quality BBC recording available in the “Sample our Sound” section on the right of this page.

Feel good Friday vibes on Solent this morning 😁 live music from the Alresford Ukulele Jam 🎸

Posted by BBC Radio Solent on Friday, March 23, 2018


A busy 2018 ahead

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Hi everyone,

It has been a while since we kept you up to date but only because the AUJ have been busy preparing for what looks like a very busy 2018.

We were kept busy throughout the winter with a number of local gigs, typically entertaining the local Alresford town folk while they have been buying their Xmas trees, or providing a nice warm welcome out of the cold once “Santa came to Alresford“. And of course we’ve been at the open mic nights in The Cricketers.

We have been preparing a whole range of new material for your delight.  It mostly follows the punchy, rocky theme we are best known for.  So if you like a bit of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Oasis, The Blues Brothers and Bruno Mars then be sure to catch us somewhere this year.

Now that 2018 is in full swing, our gig season is starting up again at the end of March so be sure to come and see us.  Throughout the spring and early summer we will be performing at our usual events; on the main stage at the Alresford Watercress Festival and another local favourite, the Vineyards of Hampshire Wine Festival.

But first, our launch event for the season is the very exciting charity fundraiser in the Horse and Groom on 23rd March 2018.  We have 2 amazing support acts to get the night going and the AUJ hit the stage at 10pm.

We are excited to send out a very warm AUJ welcome to our two support acts

  • Olivia Tapuska – 8pm
  • Danielle Stewart – 9pm

Please come along and show your support for what will be a great evening full of musical, edible and beery/winey treats!

Hope to see all our loyal fans there!

Alresford Music Festival this weekend

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Well, we got some great news today.  We will now be playing on the support stage (known as the SQA Stage) at 12:30pm on Saturday 10th June – so don’t go looking for us in the beer tent any more.

We are really excited as we get to play through the main sound system to the whole field with video coverage on the big screen too.

If you would like to get a taste for what’s to come, then head on down to the globe the night before – we will be there warming up a few tunes.